Harsin elated on the eve of BSU's first scrimmage

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - On the eve of his first scrimmage as head coach of the Boise State Broncos, Bryan Harsin was all smiles. That sort of thing is expected from coaches and players where they're on the verge of playing "real" football rather than running drill after drill in practice.

"Five days of practice, it was good to be in pads. Effort, energy, enthusiasm all has been good. You're starting to see just some consistency out there on the field. Tomorrow will be a big day for that as well. These guys are looking forward to tomorrow, and getting out there playing. Quarterbacks will not be live in the scrimmage, and so that'll be the only group that's not, but we'll go play football tomorrow," said Harsin.

At his weekly press conference, Harsin told reporters he's seen a lot of good things from the Broncos this spring, and had a hard time naming just one player that has impressed him. That being said, he was especially enthusiastic about Capital High School grad Corey Bell who's trying to make the transition from linebacker to nickel this season.