Friends become foes as Rice meets Wojcik on the court

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Bronco basketball continues their roller coaster of a season with another emotional game this weekend, meeting San Jose State and former Bronco assistant coach Dave Wojcik.

You'll remember Coach Wojcik left Leon Rice and the Broncos following the 2012-13 season to take over as Spartans head coach. At the time, Coach Rice was happy for his assistant and long-time friend, but knew it wouldn't be easy when the two went head-to-head in Mountain West Conference play.

"You know, we're good friends, and we talk and his family's staying at my house. So, I was getting information out of Jake this morning (laughing). But that's what's so hard about playing friends, because we do like to talk. You know, that's what's hard about when friends take the same job in the same league, you can't share as much. We'd love to be able to talk every other day and share ideas because that's what we did for three years here," said Rice.

Coach Rice told the media he hates these games, when so much attention gets focused on the coaches rather than the players on the court. Leon and the Broncos host Coach Wojcik and the Spartans Saturday at Taco Bell Arena.