Family affair on the mat

Boise State gymnast Amanda Otuafi and her mother, Suzi, share a special relationship.

"My mom is my best friend and if I don't talk to my mom I feel like I'm missing something," said Amanda, a senior captain.

"All in all were just best friends," said Suzi, now the owner of Flips USA Gymnastics in Sparks, Nevada.

Boise State co-head coaches Neil and Patty Resnick used to run Flips USA. They coached Suzi in club, and now Amanda.

"The tribute of a daughter saying, 'I want to show my mom that I can do gymnastics like her,'" Neil said.

What Neil is referring to is this year Amanda is using the same music and some moves from her mom's floor routine when she was a gymnast.

"The coaches said how me and my mom dance alike," Amanda said. "So when I watched her floor routine I could definitely see some similarities in us."

"I was just so humbled and appreciative that I could be part of her senior year in some way," Suzi said.

"Every floor routine I do I just try to cherish it because it's going to be my last pretty soon," Amanda said. "And so having my mom's floor routine for my last one is pretty awesome."

The routines may look the same, and they may act the same, but their coach does see a slight difference.

"I have to be fair, her mom had a little better athleticism," Neil said. "This isn't going to be on the air is it?"