BYU schedule leads to geography fail for Deseret News

(KBOI) - In a recent story previewing the 2013 BYU football season, the Deseret News had some trouble with geography. Their "info graphic" had the wrong information when it came to the location of most of their opponents. In fact, Utah and Utah State might be the only schools located in the correct position.

According to the graphic, Boise State and Idaho State have traded sides of the state, and the Broncos now play in Eastern Idaho.

For some reason, Houston's in West Texas, while Texas, playing home games in Austin, looks closer to Houston. Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, finds itself closer to Savannah and the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

The rest of the mistakes aren't as blatant, except for the placement of Middle Tennessee State, which his nowhere near the middle of Tennessee.

Click here to see it for yourself.