Bronco backfield by committee

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The first rule of college football is you can never has enough depth. The Broncos hope to prove that, especially at running back, listing four-deep in their most recent depth chart. They also have a trio of redshirt freshmen waiting in the wings.

To say head coach Chris Petersen plans to use the "running back by committee" approach might be an understatement. Nearly everybody waring an eligible number might get a carry this season.

"We're gonna play a lot of guys, across the board. I mean, that's just what we have to do, and I think that's what everybody's doing in college football, as well. So, whoever is first out there, whether it's Jay Ajayi, or Jack Fields, or Aaron Baltazar, that's not a concern to us. And the guys that produce, and you know, are productive, they'll get more carries as it goes," said head coach Chris Petersen.

"Every single running back that we have is just, an A Class guy, from what I see. You know, blocking for those guys makes it easier for me, because I know I might not get a perfect block, and my guy might be making the tackle, but those guys can break a tackle and take it somewhere long," said senior tackle Charles Leno, Jr.

We'll find out just how many backs they plan on using when the Broncos open up the season Saturday night at Washington.

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