Ajayi likes Harsin's recruiting style, and Mataele gets a second chance

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Bronco Nation's been all a-Twitter for the past few weeks, following every second of Boise State's recruiting race.

Bryan Harsin's shown he's not afraid to let his coaching staff Tweet from time to time, and that's just the beginning of changes leading to an energized recruiting period.

"Lucky enough, I've been hosting some of the recruits and just witnessing the charisma of our coaches and just how they're drawing the recruits in. I kind of get a little jealous just thinking back to when I was getting recruited, and how it's so different now.

"They've got the coaches jumping around getting them excited to get to the Blue, and got 'em on the field watching highlight tapes so they're doing a great job and it shows," said soon-to-be redshirt junior running back Jay Ajayi.

There's more good news about incoming Broncos as Boise State confirmed a report by the Idaho Statesman that defensive lineman Tutulupeatau "Deuce" Mataele is back on the Bronco football roster.

The NCAA ruled the junior college transfer ineligible last season, but after an appeal Mataele will be allowed to practice with the Broncos in 2014, and play games for Boise State during the 2015 season.