The Bronco beat boxer: 'It goes where I go'

Boise State runner Melika Ghali has fast feet.

The redshirt sophomore distance ace won an 800-meter race earlier this indoor season with a time of 1:57.

But the Toronto, Ontario-native might have an ever faster body part.

His mouth.

Ghali is a beatboxer.

“It's my shadow,” Ghali said about his rare talent. “It goes where I go.”

Ghali is majoring in Kinesiology, the study of body movements.

A skill he’s quite good at.

“You can catch me beatboxing while I am running,” he said.

Ghali grew up attending a sports camp. One year he decided it was time for a change.

“I was like ‘Mom can I go to art camp? There's a lot of girls there,” Ghali said.

And that’s where it all started.

He now guesses he spends about three hours a day beatboxing.

KBOI 2News Morning anchors Kelsey Anderson and Bryan Levin wanted to learn a little about beatboxing so he tried to teach them the basics.

The three building blocks of beatboxing are bass, snare and hi-hat.

Kelsey and Bryan’s skills ended there.

But from those sounds, more develop.

“I have a little bookshelf,” said Ghali, explaining the library of sounds he can make. “I will go with that one. I like that one today too.”

And though they seem like they’d have nothing in common with each other, Ghali does find a similarity between running and beatboxing.

“There's a lot of breathing. For sure.”