Bravin' it with Bryan: Field goal kicking

Boise State kicker Tyler Rausa's career-long field goal is 51 yards.

Kicking in football is one of those jobs where you aren't noticed until you mess up.

Tyler Rausa assumes that role for Boise State.

"From the stands you are like it's so close but when you get here you are like alright there's some distance," the redshirt senior said.

Rausa's career-long field goal came last year against Virginia when he was good from 51 yards.

In 2015 Rausa was named All-Mountain West first team after going 25/30 and accounting for 134 points. That output was second among all FBS kickers.

And if coaches think that icing (calling a timeout before a kick) is a way to throw him off - it's not.

"It gets me more prepared."

It may be a kicker's dream to go for six points, by way of a fake field goal, but right now the trick plays aren't in the cards.

"I'm always telling (special teams coach Kent) Riddle that (punter and holder) Sean (Wale) and I can do this and he's like 'I am sure you guys can,'" Rausa said. "And we tell Harsin Sean and I thought of this and he's like 'good you should keep that in your playbook and not mine.'"

Rausa and the Broncos host Utah State on Saturday Oct. 1 at 8:15 p.m. The game will be broadcast on ESPN2.