Boise State celebrates 10th anniversary of first Fiesta Bowl team

The 2006 Boise State team won the school's first Fiesta Bowl championship. They were honored Saturday night.

"It truly was David versus Goalith," center Jadon Dailey said.

The 2006 Boise State team gave Bronco Nation its first Fiesta Bowl championship.

To honor the 10th anniversary of that season, close to 50 members of that team came back to Boise State and were honored at halftime of this weekend's game against Colorado State.

"It definitely brings back some great memories," running back Ian Johnson said. "This is the team that made it all happen."

"It's just so nice to see how everyone is doing and relive those moments," Dailey said. "As spotty as they may be. Some of us got hit in the head more than others."

The 43-42 overtime victory over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl capped a 13-0 season.

"This team had more heart than anyone else," Johnson said. "We accepted we were two stars. We accepted the ratings people gave us but we didn't accept where people said we would end up."

"I'm overdue to see it," said offensive lineman Jeff Cavender about the game. "I am ready for some warm fuzzies. I get goosebumps when I watch it. I get nerves just like I am still playing in it."

"I'm getting older and when I see the highlights I understand the impact of that game and what it's meant to a lot of people," Dailey said.

The offensive coordinator of that team was Bryan Harsin, who made sure to not forget the past when he took over as head coach.

"This is one of the things Coach Harsin has really focused on," Johnson said. "Embracing the past. That was the first thing he said. We have to embrace the past, attack the future."

"This program could have changed directions but Harsin, he knew all about that and he kept it going," Cavender said.

And now Boise State is off to a 6-0 start, and what could be another Bronco team to blaze its own trail.

No. 14 Boise State hosts BYU (4-3) on Thursday at 8:15 p.m. The game will be broadcast on ESPN.