President Trump's proposed budget cuts and their effects on local organizations

Trump budget cuts and impacts on local programs

"I'm not sure where many of these folks would go for help," said Lynne Dooley of Community Action Partnership Association of Idaho.

Three point four billion dollars, that’s how much President Trump wants to cut from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). It’s aimed to help the most vulnerable. Last year nearly twelve million dollars were given to 32,500 households in Idaho to help with utility bills.

"When you start hearing the stories about who those people are and what their situations are i'm not sure any of them have any other place to turn to," Dooley said.

"If it were to come to pass it really would have a devastating impact on Idaho Public Television," said IPT General Manager Ron Pisaneschi.

Outdoor Idaho, Nova, Science Trek, Masterpiece Theater and more programs are at risk. President Trump wants to de-fund public television. One point five million federal dollars help keep IPT afloat each year. It’s budge it nine million. That means about 17% of its budget would go away.

"I think viewers… if this really were to come to pass… many of their favorite programs are likely to disappear unfortunately and we would have to curtail our work substantially in Idaho in terms of schools, our work providing civic engagement to the public and our coverage of things like the legislature things people have come to depend upon that would all be in jeopardy," Pisaneschi.