Under a new proposal not everyone could run for office in Idaho

BOISE, Idaho- Under a new proposal if you want to run as a republican in Idaho you will have to get party approval first.

The controversial proposal basically states that if you're an outsider to the republican party, you're going to have a hard time running on their ticket in an election.

So far, the proposal was rejected by a 14-person rules committee at the Republican Party Central Committee's meeting in McCall.

"It really is contrary to the basic platform our country was founded," said Lawrence Wasden, Idaho Attorney General.

Wasden says the idea is against the constitution. He says anyone who wants to run for office should be given the chance.

"It does have a huge impact of what names appear on the ballot so every voter ought to be interested in the outcome of tomorrow (Saturday)," Wasden said.

If the proposal passes a handful of republicans would choose who could be on primary election ballots which would exclude about 90% of the GOP party.

"This type of a change needs to have broad approval and should have been something coming from the grass roots on up and something we can all get around," said Steve Cory, Republican District 21 Chairman.

That's another reason many of the top republicans, including Governor Butch Otter, say they're against the plan.

The proposal comes from former Idaho senate majority leader, Rod Beck.

KBOI 2News has not been able to reach Beck for comment.