Treasure Valley school district Levy Results

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) -- Five Treasure Valley school districts are holding school levy elections Tuesday.

Canyon County Levy Results

Kuna School District Results |

Here's an overview of who is asking voters for what.

Nampa: Two-year, $3.2 million total levy. Used for books and supplies, and building repairs and maintenance. Does not change tax rate.

Kuna: Two-year, $6,380,000 total levy. School district officials are hoping to prevent the lay offs of up to 25 teachers, and to continue course offerings and programs such as driver's education. Property taxes would go up $185 per year for homes valued at $100,000.

Homedale (Canyon Owyhee School Service Agency COSSA): Est. $185,000 each year for up to 10 years for the shared COSSA program. Would fund special education, gifted and talented programs as well as professional and technical courses.

Wilder: 2-year, $620,000 total levy. Supplies and tools, keep current school days, staff, extracurricular like sports. $0.83 per month for home valued at $38,000.

Notus: Maximum $150,000 (or 0.4% of district market value) per year for up to 10 years. For repairs, equipment, school buses.

For Nampa and Notus, this is the second time around. Levies failed earlier this year in those school districts.