State workers voice concerns

BOISE, Idaho - State employees got the chance to voice their concerns at a hearing at the Idaho statehouse Monday. Most of the workers who spoke voiced concerns about high turn over, a need for more advancement and pay.

"I've been with the state for 5 years now and i feel like i am an old timer," said Scott Witzel.

Witzel is an ITD snow plow driver, he says ITD wages are embarrassing compared to neighboring states. This was a point repeated by many who spoke at the legislative hearing.

"It seems like the last 10 years the priority has shifted where we are always the last thing on the budget. If there is some money left over we will get a pay raise otherwise we are hardly a consideration," said tax commission employee, Janice Boyd.

According to a recent study, Idaho state employees are paid an average of 15 percent less than what workers at similar jobs get in other states.

Janet French says, there is something wrong with the state's pay scale because after 10 years at ITD she is actually making 19 percent less than what she should.

"There is no money, we are living pay check to pay check, there is no extra, there is no eating out, there is no movies, no cable, there is Goodwill," said French.

Representative Shirley Ringo says the state hasn't complied with their own code to improve employee pay.

"What we really need now is a plan to bring these employees up to policy pay and treat them more fairly," said Ringo.