Same-sex couple: "We are a legitimate family"

BOISE, Idaho- Supreme court justices began discussing California's ban on same-sex marriage this week.

Lori and Teresa Burke-Ellet have been together for over 10 years. They already have a civil-union and a church wedding but now they are looking forward to the day that the law recognizes their marriage.

"For us it's making a statement that we are a legitimate family," said Lori Burke-Ellet.

The Burke-Ellet's have a 4 year old son named David. They say he is the primary reason they want the federal government to legalize same-sex marriage.

"Just to make sure we have legal coverage, every six months we have to go and file paperwork and get it signed and notarized to say that I am his guardian," said Burke-Ellet.

She says their lawyer has recommended they move to a state where their marriage is legally recognized. But they love it here in Boise. So the couple says they remain hopeful justices will issue an opinion in their favor.

"We deserve to be able to have that as a legitimate stance without question, that we've had a relationship, that we've been together that we have a family, whether it is legally recognized or not, we've had a family through this whole time," said Burke-Ellet.

In the mean time, they will watch and wait.

"We pray that people have fresh clean water to drink, food to eat, a home and people have someone to share love with and that should be anyone," said Burke-Ellet.

Wednesday, the justices will look at whether the federal government should give marriage benefits to same sex couples in states where they are legally married.