Kuna residents face off on levy fight

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) - There's less than a month for Kuna to decide on their school levy. Kuna residents will vote on a supplemental levy that is supposed to last for three years that will cost residents 3.1 million dollars.

Kuna residents came out for an open house to face off on what's been going on with some campaign tactics on the levy vote that's coming up. Cory Tanner, a Kuna parent said, "There have been fear tactics used in this campaign for the levy that have been irresponsible and reckless."

Residents against the levy pointed out that pro levy residents were using students to send messages to parents for the levy. Tanner described the message being sent out. "We will lose all of our teachers and the music will be gone and sports will be gone and we're going to pull up the grass and we're going to shut down the school and everything is going into mass chaos, that is the feeling that comes across," he said.

The other side says the reality of losing the 3.1 million dollar levy vote is scary and is reality. "I think it's healthy to look at budgets and look at where we can cut. I think that its unhealthy for Kuna to be as far behind as other schools in expenditures as it is," Troy Lambert a Kuna parent said.

In March, the supplemental levy died by fewer than 100 votes. Kuna residents will vote again on the levy May 20th.