Gun rally: "We need to defend ourselves"

BOISE, Idaho - Several hundred people attended a gun rally at the statehouse on Saturday. The rally has a special focus on women, saying armed women are safer.

"We need to defend ourselves," said Joyce Beckmon.

Beckmon was one of many women at the rally. She says when it comes to defending personal safety, guns are the great equalizer.

"Chances are I can't fight off a 200 pound guy," said Beckmon.

Being part of a military family, Beckmon says supporting gun rights is particularly important to her.

"They have all fought against communism, they fought for our freedoms and our rights and we need to keep that up, right now, I am kind of ashamed of our country and that hurts me because my dad fought for this," said Beckmon.

Lace Mitchell carried an AR-15 to the rally. She says she feels safer when she has a gun.

"It's important to be able to defend yourself, the people around you, your love ones," said Mitchell.

Others were impressed by the number of women in attendance today...

"A lot of women are victims and I don't want to see that so I was really proud and happy to see that they are pushing that agenda," said Jason Vantz.

For those who disagree, Beckmon says, "we're not trying to tell people who are against guns that they have to get one, if they don't want one, I don't care, but i want to keep mine".