Girl Scout cookies taxes

BOISE, Idaho - The Girl Scouts get one step closer to keeping more of their cookie money.

Idaho is one of only 2 states that tax Girl Scout cookies.

The tax on a box of girl scout cookies is 22 cents. The Girl Scouts of Silver Sage say each year that adds up to nearly $152,000.

A bill that would kill the sales tax on their cookies, is now headed to the house floor.

Girl Scout volunteer lobbyist Julie Hart says the extra cash would be used to expand programs, particularly scholarships.

"23 percent of the Girl Scouts right now are on scholarship. They wouldn't be able to participate if it weren't for the cookie program that funds that 23 percent of girls," said Hart.

It's an investment, leaders say says off. Hart says 98 percent of girls who go through the scouting program will never experience teen pregnancy, 96 percent will never use drugs. And former Girl Scouts are more likely to earn a bachelor's degree.

"80 percent of women business owners are girl scouts. 75 percent of women in congress are former girl scouts and every female astronaut that has flown in space is a girl scout," said Hart.

And it's those statistics that they hope will sway representatives to exempt thin mints, samoas and more from the state tax.