Brewery mocking Idaho governor with Little B**** Otter beer?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A new beer will hit Boise soon. Crooked Fence Brewery says it will put out Little B**** Otter India Brown Ale next week.

Crooked Fence says its beer just so happens to be called Otter beer.

"It's not necessarily named after the governor. It is an otter with a cowboy hat, so we're leaving that up to people's interpretations," said Kelly Knopp, Crooked Fence owner.

Knopp also say it's a coincidence that their beer supports equality during the recent same-sex marriage court rulings. "Crooked Fence will always stand for equality and we're always against anyone trying to take away freedoms or rights of individuals," Knopp said.

Customers at Barrel House Pub haven't tried a drop but they say they like the name.

"It's the perfect name, especially with everything that's going on right now. I am down with that and I am going to drink a gallon of it."

Knopp says there has been a back lash from people that don't like the name. "I've had about four or five people that have emailed or posted on Facebook that they will no longer be a patron of Crooked Fence and to them I say 'see you later,'" Knopp said.

Little B**** Otter beer will be out on May 29 at Prefunk on 11th and Front. Knopp says that 10 percent of sales of Otter beer will go to organizations like Add the Words.

The governor's office said Friday that it's heard nothing about the beer and has no comment.