Idaho Health Care sign-ups trickle in after first month

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Less than 400 people actually purchased a plan in the first month the Idaho exchange was open. Despite the bad start, some people are still hopeful the Affordable Care Act will deliver as promised.

Your Health Idaho put out their numbers for enrollment in the state-based health care plans from October 1 to November 2 and the grand total was 338 Idahoans who have selected a health insurance plan.

"I was very sad, I was so sad because I am for the healthcare, the ACA," Susan Grey said.

According to the report, In Idaho there were 4,753 completed applications on the marketplace, covering 10,573 people. So why are there so few people actually buying a plan?

"The problem lies with all the software and I think they'll get it straightened out eventually. It's too bad that they launched it when they did but they did. I think it will happen we certainly need health care in Idaho," Grey says.

Others think families were happy with what they had. "A lot of people may have done their research and think maybe it's not such a good program to be signing up for. Whatever they have working for them is what's working and they don't want to switch," Jeremy Taylor said.