Ada Co. absentee ballots for 2014 primary up over two years ago

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- When it comes to early voting in Ada County, those casting absentee ballots by mail are leading the pack in the run-up to the May 20th primary election.

Some 6,600 ballots have been requested by mail.

"For the voting by mail, the number of requests for absentee ballots seems to be 15 to 20 percent higher than it was even two years ago," said Chris Rich, Ada County Clerk:

The number of voters casting ballots in person is up a little over the 2014 primary.

As of Saturday, some 1,200 people had dropped by to vote at the county's election headquarters.

In Ada County turnout for the 2012 primary was pretty awful. Just 18 percent. They're hoping for a 25 percent turnout in this 2014 primary election, that would be about 52,000 voters.

Much of the draw for this primary election seems to be action at the precinct level.

"On our whole ballot, we have 444 candidates," said Rich. Most of those are contested precinct committeemen races. Above that we've got the race for Second District Congress, that seems to be drawing a lot of interest, the Simpson and Smith race."

Two important deadlines are coming up this week: Wednesday, the last day to apply for an absentee ballot, and Friday, the last day for in-person early voting.