Tree service topples wrong tree

MERIDIAN, Idaho - Rose Ward lives on a tree lined street in Meridian. But now, there's something missing.

"It was really nice to have that (tree) for protection. It was large enough that it shaded the garage so it never heated up horribly," Rose Ward said.

The twenty five foot pine pulled double duty. It added beauty to the home and protected the property.

"From early in the day it always shaded the driveway so we could put cars here and never have to worry about the sun on them, it gets very hot," said Ward.

Ward says her ordeal started with a call to Ada Tree and Shrub. She needed a pine tree cut down on her property, but the crew with the tree service cut down the wrong one on the wrong side of the house.

"This was a Mughal Pine that they didn't take out to begin with, he finally did get it down, but it was the one that they were supposed to take in the first place. When he called me to tell me he cut down the wrong tree he apologized and he said there's nothing he can do about it, it's down and gone. But he said he'd be out on Saturday to grind out the stumps and talk about replacement. He's the one who said we'd talk about replacement," Ward said.

Ward says that was three weeks ago and replacing it won't be easy. According to the tree expert Ward spoke to, the stump needs to be ground down then all of the material needs to be removed. Then fresh soil needs to be put down before a new tree could be planted. To make matters more complicated, the sprinkler line runs right next to it.

KBOI 2News tried to call Ada Tree and Shrub for some answers. Two messages were left over a four day period.

Eleven days after the first call the company sent an email to the KBOI 2News newsroom. It reads in part:, "We are sincerely sorry for removing the wrong tree at the Rose Ward residence. We get no satisfaction or benefit from cutting down the wrong tree. She was upset about it as we were. I told Ms. Ward that I would replace it with another tree. A missed appointment with her the following morning due to equipment problems left her feeling uneasy. We are wanting to complete the job we were hired for," said an Ada Tree and Shrub representative.

Rose would like to see the company follow up and finish the job, but she's sad about the whole ordeal.

"At this point an eight to 10 foot tree here would be ok. It will grow to about twenty feet tall, but I'll never live long enough to see another thirty year old tree here, it's just not going to happen.