Boise Fire Dept. dive team leaves some logs in river on purpose

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Members of the Boise Fire Department's Dive Team say they often leave downed logs and branches in the river on purpose like ones in shallow water.

"They are a good example of logs the dive team would leave in the river. It's not per say in the main body of the current," said Capt. Scott Hall with the Dive Team. "It is a natural setting, a natural river and people do have to paddle."

"Anyone can get into trouble out here," he said. " But we don't have the staffing to take out every obstacle in the river. And we do want to leave it as a natural setting."

One problem area is the bank along the river at the back of Municipal Park. It's eroding. Last summer 12 of big trees toppled into the river in three weeks."

Obviously those obstacles were removed as quickly as possible, but it's a judgment call based on experience to know when to act for public safety and for the environmental health of the river we love.