Be careful! That spray on sunscreen is extremely flammable

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Erin McClure and her 3-year-old daughter love their trips to the pool. Summer for them is a splash of fun and plenty of sunscreen spray.

"She's 3 and it's hard to get lotion on her so we spray it on and rub it in. We're done. I've never had a problem with it so that's what I use," McClure said.

Many parents are opting for the convenience of sunscreen sprays instead of lotions. Parents say the spray is quick and easy and means less fuss from the little ones, but if inhaled regularly, sunscreen spray could irritate the lungs.

"Some sprays contain titanium dioxide, and if you breathe in those sunscreen it could be a potential cancer risk," Pat Calvo of Consumer Reports said.

Spray sunscreen is also extremely flammable. It carries a warning on the label, but many people don't read the labels or pay attention to them. With campfirers, fireworks and barbeques on the summer agenda, families must exercise caution around an open flame.

"Banana Boat" actually shows on the company website the sunscreen spray product recalled in 2012 after reports of burn injuries. The company website cites four reports in the United States and one in Canada.

"It's probably not good, but I don't think it's going to change whether or not I use the spray," said Erin McClure, a mom said after hearing about those reports.

McClure like many parents said she would be careful around an open flame.

Dr. James Stewart, a dermatologist in Boise, says sunscreen sprays are safe for a majority of people. Idaho has one of the highest rates of new melanoma cases and deaths in the country. Dr. Stewart says while there may be a few risks linked to sunscreen spray, the benefits outweigh them.

"Ten thousand people die of skin cancer every year and it's preventable," Dr. Stewart said. Sunscreen is a must and using the spray just needs to be in a safe environment away from an open flames.

Also, many people buy sunscreen specifically labeled for kids or adults. There's no need too because there is no difference in coverage. Manufacturers use the same active ingredients in all sunscreens.