South Dakota TV anchor rips viewers complaining about tornado coverage

During the morning news on Tuesday, Nancy Naeve, anchor of KSFY in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, took a few seconds to tell her viewers to stop calling in.

The station had just finished playing a sound bite from a woman who said she saw and heard the weather warnings on the station so she called her grandmother to warn her. 20 minutes after calling in to warn her grandmother, she received a text that their home had been hit by the tornado but they were alive.

As the clip ends, meteorologist Shawn Cable said he felt bad for covering up the shows but he was glad he did. That's when Naeve jumped in and told viewers to quit calling.

Cable wrote the following in his YouTube post of the rant: "I don't take the decision to break in lightly, but when there's a confirmed tornado on the ground that is headed toward people's homes, I break in. I don't care what's on."

Cable said the station received nasty emails, calls, and social media messages after breaking into the "Once Upon A Time" season finale.