Your tax money turned into a city worker's paycheck

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Despite a tough job market, millions of your tax dollars are turned into paychecks for Boise city workers. KBOI's Truth Squad decided to investigate how much city workers make compared to the residents they serve.

KBOI requested the top 100 salary earners in the Boise City government. At the top of the list is the Department of Aviation director making more than $138,000 per year.

At the bottom of the top 100 list you'll find about a dozen police officers making $80,500 per year.

You'll also find 28 employees making more than $100,000 per year, based on base salary, but half of those are either with the police or fire departments. The other 14 are higher ups in other city departments.

The director of Public Works make $115,274 per year. The Parks and Rec director makes $112,008 annually. The director of Zoo Boise makes $110,011 and the head of Boise Libraries makes $107,536.

"That's pretty significant money," said Boise resident Joe Filicetti.

"That's a decent wage here in Boise," Boise resident Katie Sullivan said.

KBOI went to Boise City Hall to find out how wages are set.

"When you look around the private sector and in the region these salaries are actually quite a bit lower than what people could get in the private sector or other parts of the country so they're competitive but they're still quite a bit lower in many cases to what is available elsewhere," said Boise City Spokesman Adam Park.

Some other salaries in Boise City government include the Planning Division director at $97,594, Financial Services manager makes $96,720 per year, and the Community Ombudsman makes $94,557 a year.

KBOI was surprised to discover in the course of this investigation that an administration assistant to the mayor makes $96,470 per year. That's more than $5,000 more than the mayor himself.

"I don't know what the an assistant to the mayor does, I'm gonna guess they have some pretty heavy lifting and a lot of stress to get paid that much," Filicetti said.

KBOI also discovered that a simple computation shows an average city worker makes $40,259 per year. That compares to a $27,897 annual income figure for a typical Boise resident. That's according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

That means a typical city worker makes $12,362 more per year than a typical city resident.

"It is a little gut wrenching sometimes to see the really high wages that people make that my tax dollars are going to," Sullivan said.

"What am i getting out of it? If I'm getting a valuable service... That means a lot to me. I'm willing to pay for it," Boise resident Mark Strom said.