Young woman finally gets justice with the Truth Squad

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI)- A young woman was denied workers' compensation after getting hurt on the job.

The KBOI Truth Squad first introduced you to Karrie Lombard last June. After some help from the Idaho Industrial Commission she is finally getting some relief a year and a half later.

"I woke up to paramedics just surrounding me - they were everywhere," said Lombard, who worked at Souper Salad in Meridian.

Lombard had passed out and hit her head after cleaning up a customer's mess. The 19-year-old's manager had called for help.

"I got this bill in the mail from Ada County Paramedics for $400," Lombard said.

Lombard didn't understand why she had to pay for it. She made a workers' compensation claim, but was denied by the Employers Compensation Insurance Company in Boise.

Krista Cromar is the owner of the Souper Salad (Fresh Frontier, LLC) and in a statement said in part, "Souper Salad followed the necessary procedures under workers' compensation law."

"She was an employee and had an accident on the job so there's no question that would be covered," said Breck Seiniger, who is an attorney in Boise.

Lombard agreed with Seiniger, and filed a complaint with the Idaho Industrial Commission. After a meetings and negotiations, Lombard says the commission helped her the insurance company come to an agreement.

A "lump sum settlement" was made to Lombard. Although she was told not to share the amount, she does say the bill is now paid.

"I wouldn't have gone this far if I didn't think I shouldn't be responsible," Lombard said.

Still, Lombard says she probably would have given up if the Truth Squad didn't tell her about the Idaho Industrial Commission. She says that was the key to getting justice.

The Idaho Industrial Commission acts like a court. It takes thousands of cases every year, and many deal with workers' compensation and unemployment benefits.

Filing with the commission is free.


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