Wrong name showing up for Boise man's Caller ID

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Friends and family members of David Rithman of Boise weren't taking his calls. Not because they didn't like him, but the name showing up from his new cell phone was a different name.

When he called his wife at home not only would his name not appear, but sometimes it wouldn't even show the number.

Rithman called his cell phone company T-Mobile for a month trying to get the issue resolved, but they told him the issue with the caller ID not appearing was with his home phone provider Century Link.

After calling Century Link, Rithman still couldn't get answers on why the issue couldn't be resolved. He said he felt like he was paying for a service he wasn't getting.

"T-mobile told me that it wasn't their problem," said Rithman. "I believed them, 100 percent believed them, and they bounced me off to Century Link and I think they didn't really know what to do."

The Truth Squad called Century Link to try to find was the issue was, but in less than two hours they discovered the problem was with T-Mobile.

I talked with a T-Mobile spokesperson who said the information in their data base was wrong and would be corrected within 24 hours. They told KBOI that when numbers are reissued sometimes the old users name can pop up on caller ID.