Utah business questions Nampa company's tactics

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Rodney Perchon is a small business owner near Salt Lake City who repairs organs.

He became suspicious when he received a call from an out of state number asking if he wanted to advertise for Independence High School in Provo, Utah. Perchon decided not to buy advertising but was concerned when he heard the school didn't know the company he was talking about.

After an internet search he found the number belonged to Commercial Newspaper Service in Nampa. According to the Better Business Bureau the company has 19 complaints filed against them over the last three years along with an F rating. The complaints included allegations of sloppy business practices, and orders that went unfilled.

We went to the business and even though COO Larry Slusser was there the woman up front said he wasn't able to talk with us. Although he did call us back.

Slusser claims they make their deals with athletic directors of schools, so when people call asking it's possible some administrators could be out of the loop. We called to confirm the contract with Independence High School, but they are out on spring break this week.

As far as the F rating given to CNS, Slusser said their company responds to all complaints, but according to the BBB website four have gone unanswered dating back to December of 2010. CNS said they froze the contract with the school after getting similar questions from our sister station in Salt Lake City.