Postal inspectors investigate mail theft in Idaho City

IDAHO CITY, Idaho (KBOI) - Stolen mail involving a postal worker is the focus of an investigation in Idaho City after complaints of "missing contents from packages and letters," according to the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General.

"Some of our mail, you could tell that it was open because some of it would just be taped, like a piece of Scotch tape would be right back on it or corners of it would be torn open," said Amber Firkins of Idaho City.

Firkins said she's lived in the city of 485 for three years and her mail has been a problem since she moved there.

"I think the packages were stolen," she said, "but I think the important mail was just snooping, being nosy."

The Office of Inspector General said it's looking into whether an employee was stealing mail at the Idaho City Post Office.

That investigation started in late August, but Idaho City resident Mitchel Tain said the problems date back two decades.

"It's been an ongoing situation that pretty much most of the residents in the area have just come to terms with," Tain said.

Inspectors will not release the name of the "person of interest" they interviewed. They also won't say if anyone has been fired or could be charged with a crime.