New PowerBall game promises bigger better odds but twice the price

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - With mega jackpots twice a week, PowerBall gives you a chance to strike it rich in an instant. Boiseans know just what they would do with the money.

"(I would) take care of my family and friends," Bill Stone of Boise said.
"Pay off a few bills and do some traveling," Larry Jewitt of Boise said.

Now, there's a new PowerBall game. The jackpots are bigger and your odds of winning are better. But the price of a ticket has doubled to $2 per play.

"They should've lessened the odds by 50 percent if they're going to do an increase by 100 percent," Brian Wheeler of Boise said.

Becky Brown is the Math Department Chair at Borah High school. She crunched some numbers on the popular lottery game.

"It was 195 million plus change to one of winning and now it's 175 million plus change to one because they've removed four balls. The odds have gotten better, but they're still pretty high. They pretty much guaranteed winning is what we would call an unlikely event," Brown said.

Despite the odds, folks looking to hit the big one will likely continue to plunk down their $2 for a chance at cashing in.

"It's something fun, it's a chance," Leone Knopp of Boise said.
"People do win, you don't win unless you play," Bill stone said.


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