Motorcycle registration fees revs up Boise man

BOISE, Idaho - Motorcycles, cars and trucks share the same rules of the road, but that's not the case getting there.

After buying a motorcycle in November, David Hoffman headed to the DMV to get it on the road. What he found out has him shaking his head.

"I can choose to register this whenever I want but regardless of when I register it, whether there's a month left or 12 months, you're paying the full year's fee," David Hoffman of Boise said.

The registration is $9, but with all the other fees the bill tops $30.

Motorcycle registrations expire on Dec. 31 each year while other vehicles such as cars and trucks are on a sliding scale. For example, if you register it in May it won't be due again until May of the following year. The Truth Squad went to Idaho department of Transportation to investigate.

"It used to be that everything was due at the same point, the renewals, and it was creating quite a burden. All of the vehicles, all of the motorcycles scooters, all of your boats, RV's, school buses, everything was due all at once," said Reed Hollingshead, ITD spokesman. "The difference is, well, we're just following Idaho code."

To change the code you have to turn to lawmakers at the Idaho statehouse. The Truth Squad has been told the chairman of the House Transportation and Defense Committee is now investigating this issue.

The Truth Squad has also been informed it's probably too late this legislative session to change the policy this year. The $57,000 motorcycle riders in Idaho will likely have to wait another year to see the situation changed.

"You have thousands of people who ride motorcycles and scooters. It's going to affect a lot of people," Hoffman said.


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