Mother on local movie theater: 'We had faith they'd check IDs'

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - Most parents think if their child is under 17 years old they can't get into an R-rated movie without an adult, but that's not always the case.

A Caldwell mother contacted the Truth Squad because she said she's concerned that her 15 and 13-year-olds went to the movie theater and watched an R-rated movie. She wanted to know how that could happen.

"We have faith in the theater knowing they're going to get their identification checked," said Shandra Salinas.

Salinas says her teenagers met up with some friends at the Reel Theatre in Nampa a few weeks ago and they decided to see "The Grey." They were all able to buy their tickets for the R-rated movie without any problems.

When Salinas talked with the theater manager she was told they do their best to check identification, but mistakes do happen. That's what the Truth Squad was told as well by manager Janice Likes.

The thing is, movie theaters are not required by law to check identifications. Likes says it's the "industry standard" to check identifications, but they won't get in trouble if they don't. Likes says she counts on her employees, and parents, to make sure kids don't get in to R-rated movies.

"It is parents' responsibility to know what their kids are watching and I don't pass that off, but we have faith in knowing we don't have to worry about it because they'd never be able to get into one," Salinas said.

Even though she trusts her kids, Salinas says now she'll always worry just a little.