Meridian man tired, fed up with front yard construction site

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) - Meridian road is getting a face-lift, but is the inconvenience of this massive project too much to ask of the people who have to look at it day in and day out?

Carlos Rohden thinks so. He rents a house that fronts the massive Meridian split corridor phase II project. His front yard is an active construction site and has been since November.

"I live 1,800 feet from the school. It takes me 45 minutes to go there and back now. My appeal to living here was its location and accessibility to everything that I need, like the elementary school, boys club, grocery store, restaurants and that kind of thing. With the start of this construction project I might as well have been living a town away," Rohden says.

Rohden used to watch his kids walk to school, but he thinks an active construction zone is too dangerous, so now he has to drive them, making a long detour in the process.

And then there is the noise...

"They smooth out the road and it causes vibration. I have actually had things fall over and break in my home due to the vibration, and it can happen at 6 in the morning and it's like, where do I run out of understanding?" Rohden says.

Jim and Charlotte Marston live just down the road from Rohden. Jim says the workers have been helpful, but he still calls it an awful mess.

Administrators from the Ada County Highway Department say it is not unusual to undertake such a massive project and they appreciate everyone's patience. The road should be re-opened by October.

The highway department recognizes that this is a massive inconvenience, especially for the people who live along Meridian Road. That is why they have will award more money to the contractor if they finish early.

When the project is finished, Meridian Road will have five lanes of traffic and there will be newly designed intersections at both Fairview and Cherry. There will also be a new crossover to Main street.