Marketing or tricky sales tactic?

BOISE, Idaho - Michael Lawson of Boise heads to the mailbox everyday like we all do. But recently he received a piece of mail that raised an eyebrow.

"We've been getting these things in the mail from united water, when you open it up it looks like a statement but it's another company trying to get you to do some kind of service plan with them," Lawson said.

The solicitation comes in a brown envelope with a United Water logo on it. There's another logo at the top of the paper inside.

But the offer isn't from United Water. It's actually a solicitation from a company called HomeServe. They sell service agreements on behalf of utility companies across the country.

The one in question here is called LeakGuard. It promise to fix leaky pipes buried in your yard. Although HomeServe has its own logo, you have to read the solicitation carefully to find it.

"You know... it's kind of sketchy," Lawson said.

The Truth Squad called HomeServe to get some answers.

"The particular letter you're referring to actually was a great offer. We provided customers 3 months of free coverage and the letter people might be confused about is simply the last in a series of letters to invite customers, after the 3 month period was over, to come sign up for the service at a discount," Myles Meehan, VP of HomeServe said

The Truth Squad also contacted United Water here in Boise. We were told the company is okay with HomeServe using United Water logos on HomeServe mailers.

The marketing strategy doesn't sit well with Lawson.

"Why can't they just offer this themselves you know? I would feel more comfortable about it if it was United Water offering this service," Lawson said.


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