Is the US Government really calling you?

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) - The United States Government is calling you and wants to help with your Social Security, but how do you know it's not a scam artist?

Roger Hanson went for a walk one morning and when he came back his caller identification said he had a missed call from the US Government. He called the number back and a man on a recording said to leave his Social Security number.

"When I heard the recording it sounded fishy to me," Hanson said.

"The rule of thumb is you don't trust your caller identification if it's an unknown number or if it says US Government," said Dale Dixon, president of the Better Business Bureau.

Dixon says the person who called Hanson is a scammer because the government won't call you out of the blue.

Dixon says caller ID spoofing technology was used in order for US Government to pop up on caller id.

"It allows you, or anybody, to go in on the computer and put in a name and phone number on the caller id of the person you're calling and you can make it whatever you want," Dixon said.

Dixon says the best thing to do is not answer a call you don't recognize, and whatever you do don't return the call.

"What you have done by calling the number back is you have confirmed your identity to the scam artist," Dixon said.

Hanson is glad he at least didn't give out his Social Security number and says his goal in getting touch with the Truth Squad is helping protect others.

"You guys have been so good about making people aware about what's going on with things that aren't above board and I just don't want elderly people have that happen to them," Hanson said.

KBOI 2News left a message for the man who called Hanson, but never heard back from him. Just remember that if you're in doubt... hang up the phone.


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