Is Idaho too easy on uninsured drivers?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - After a crash with an uninsured driver, one Boise man is finding how low the fines are in Idaho for driving without insurance and how hard the process is to collect for damages from that driver.

The Truth Squad talked with Eric Mayer of Boise, who was hit by another car during a snow storm back in February. While no one was injured, Mayer says the other driver said he had no insurance.

What shocked him even more was finding out what the penalty is for not having insurance in Idaho.

"I was shocked that we have such little ramifications for somebody not obeying the law," said Mayer. "There is not a lot of incentive for someone to decide whether or not to carry because the penalty is so minor."

In Idaho, the fine on a first offense is only $75. In neighboring states the fine is much higher.

In Washington it's $550, Oregon $260, Nevada $740, Utah $400. In Oregon, if you are involved in a crash while uninsured your license can be suspended for up to a year.

Even though the damage doesn't look bad on Mayer's truck, he said it still adds up to $3,400. He will have to pay $1,000 for his deductible.

Not only is the fine low in Idaho, but it's hard for an uninsured driver to have their license suspended.

A driver would have to take someone to court, possibly hire a lawyer, and get a judgment. Only if the person doesn't begin to pay the judgment back can someone file a complaint with ITD who will start the process of suspending the other drivers license.

Only the legislature can change the fine amount and other rules regarding uninsured drivers.