Idaho has 6th highest gas prices in country, but could drop soon

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Idaho still has the 6th highest gas prices in the nation. Viewers wanted to know why some eastern parts of the state are 40 cents per gallon cheaper than Boise.

The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Idaho is $3.71. Which is 32 cents over the national average.

Recently a viewer traveling to Shoshone noticed prices were more than 40 cents cheaper than Boise. A spokesperson for AAA said some of that has to deal with a difference in the gas itself.

"They allow for a lower octane gasoline that is blended for higher elevations," said Dave Carlson of AAA Idaho. "So they don't need to go to a more expensive gas. Cheaper to produce the gas, and cheaper to get it into those markets."

Carlson also says Shoshone has only a few gas stations which are liking in a price war to try and attract customers.

Residents say they are shocked by the prices which are still high for this time of year. Even though they're slightly slower than a year ago today.

Gas prices are expected to drop as companies switch to winter blends which are cheaper to produce.