'I felt like I just needed to do something'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A Treasure Valley woman used lawn chairs in her living room after a ceiling collapse, but her fear of contaminated furniture was to put to rest when a KBOI viewer stepped in with help.

Earlier in the month, The Truth Squad did a story about Dawn Meyers. She was living in her Nampa apartment but a ceiling crack gave way - leaving her living room furniture set covered in fiberglass.

Meyers preferred not to use the furniture because she believed it was contaminated and didn't want to risk making her toddler or herself sick.

Meyers story tugged on the heart strings of viewer, Patricia Tsunoda.

"I saw the story about Dawn and her ceiling collapsing and I felt like I just needed to do something," Tsunoda said. "It just touched my heart that nobody was stepping up, and I thought this is great, this is good timing."

Tsunoda contacted the Truth Squad and volunteered to bring a couch and some chairs to Meyers' home. She loaded up her truck, and even threw in some stuffed animals for Meyers' son.

"It makes my heart feel good to do something for somebody else and I feel like the Boise community is like that. Most of Idaho that I've been to, we are like family and it's kind of like being in the military again, where we are all just one big family," she said.

Meyers said she needed a lift after the insurance company investigating her case denied her claim. The company has since reopened the case, and cut Meyers a check. Meyers said she's very blessed, and Tsunoda's kind gesture goes a long way.

"Things in the world are bad. There is still good, it gives you hope and gives you something to like you know believe in," Meyers said.