FBI & BBB warning about malware posing as Microsoft update

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - FBI & BBB are warning about a new malware known as "Beta Bot" which poses as a Microsoft update. It can not only shutdown your anti virus software, but can steal your bank account numbers as well.

The software is downloaded when a user clicks on a pop-up window that looks exactly like it's from Microsoft. It ask if you want to update, but the one problem is the program is called "windows command processor" which doesn't exist.

Shawn Schnitker of Treasure Valley IT said they've seen more and more customers bringing in computers infected after trying to download a software update.

"It's incredibly how advanced the bad guys are," said Schnitker. "These are no young kids in basements anymore. These are very advanced programmers who know what they're doing."

Schnitker said it's easy for people to fall for because it looks so real.

What worries the FBI and the BBB is that the "Beta Bot" immediately shuts down all anti virus and malware software. it then goes after sensitive information such as bank account numbers.

Experts say if there is a update from Microsoft it will take you directly to the companies website. Anyone who does get a pop up about a software update should close it down and go directly to the companies site for updates.