Emmett business owners: We've been targeted by a scam artist

EMMETT, Idaho - KBOI 2News told you about "The Community Phone Book" in May when the apparent scam hit Homedale. You heard about it again in November when it turned up in Council. Now, the man behind the company has landed in another Idaho community.

Sam Consalvi, with Sector Marketing, has a history for visiting businesses and pushing "The Community Phone Book." They pay to advertise in it, and the book is distributed out.

The problem? It's never distributed.

Now, Consalvi has moved to Emmett.

"He came to town, Sam did," said Dian Streeby, with the Gem County Chamber of Commerce. "He went to a few businesses and a lot of times they'll call and say is this legit?"

Streeby did some investigating, found out it's not legitimate, and put out a warning. Unfortunately, it was too late for some businesses who gave hundreds of dollars to advertise in the new book, called "The Spotlight."

The book still hasn't been distributed, and was supposed to be released in December.

The Idaho Attorney General's Office says it has received several complaints about Consalvi and his company but can't confirm or deny if they have launched an investigation. If you have issues with Consalvi you're urged to contact them and file a complaint.

Click on the video to see more reaction from the community of Emmett.