Dispute over parking sensors could cost taxpayers more money

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A dispute between the City of Boise, and Ada County Highway District (ACHD) over parking sensors could cost taxpayers more money. It could be even more if the issue makes it's way to court.

The City of Boise has already spent $50,000 on parking sensors which are apart of the new smart meters being installed. ACHD said they want the sensors removed, and instead wants them mounted to the parking meter poles themselves.

This dispute over parking sensors being installed into the pavement has been going on for months. With the latest coming in a letter from ACHD board to Mayor Dave Bieter to remove the sensors within 30 days.

No matter how this turns out it will ultimately end up costing taxpayers more money.

ACHD has offered to patch all holes if the city removes the sensors, which they estimate will cost no more than $600.

If ACHD has to remove the sensors themselves they admit it will cost thousands of dollars more just depending how much they spend on labor.

The Truth Squad did try to contact the city, but they declined to comment until the mayor or the city council make an official response to the letter.

It's still unknown if the money already set aside for the sensors will cover the cost of their removal, or how much new mountings for those sensors would cost.

Either way this disagreement over the sensors is upsetting to some residents. ACHD spokesman Craig Quintana said he understand their frustrations.

"It's unfortunate you would think that there would be better communication intergovernmentaly."