BBB: Yeah...'The check is bogus'

BOISE, Idaho - $300 a week just to have a company's ad on your car. Sounds like easy money but the Better Business Bureau says it's actually a scheme that will leave you with empty pockets.

"They almost had me," said Boise resident, Cheryl Anderson.

It all started about a week ago. Cheryl Anderson saw an ad on Craigslist offering money in exchange for placing a Monster Energy Drink ad on her car.

Soon she was approved and a check was sent in the mail. That's when she says it got fishy.

"It was a Blue Cross, Blue Shield check and it was suppose to be coming from Monster," said Anderson.

The check is for $2,100 and Anderson is suppose to keep $300 and then Moneygram the rest to someone else to pay for the car wrap.

"She was in California and I'm in Boise. So it was kind of a situation that caught me off guard," said Anderson.

So Anderson didn't deposit the check. She called the Truth Squad.

"The check is bogus," said Better Business Bureau director Dale Dixon.

Dixon says this is just a new spin from crooks trying to rip you off.

"Scam artists love to use well known names especially names the you see plastered all over everything," said Dixon.

"They had me believing because of the Monster Energy drink name that it was true and that it was going to be a job," said Anderson.

She says she is thankful that she saw the red flags and didn't deposit the check. Anderson says she'll be more careful now and wants to warn others.

"They are preying on people that are weak and need the job," said Anderson.

Dixon says the best thing to do is just shred the check and move on.