Accused Idaho salesman moves on to Lone Star state

EMMETT, Idaho (KBOI) - The Truth Squad has been following accused shady business man Sam Consalvi for more than a year.

Several small businesses in the Treasure Valley gave the owner of Sector Marketing money to advertise in a community phone book. The problem? The phone book never arrives.

And now it appears as if Consalvi has moved on to the Lone Star state.

Consalvi has left a trail of unhappy customers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and now Texas.

"The exact same thing is happening here as in Idaho and the other states," said Scott Ashton, who lives in Bandera, Texas.

Ashton is a small business owner in Bandera and the president of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Bandera Sheriff's Office is watching Consalvi after his publication "The Bandera Brand" came up short.

"(The book was) half the size and half the material that was supposed to be in it," Ashton said.

Law enforcement in Texas is also working with the city of Emmett here in Idaho. That was the last place in the northwest he targeted.

"I put out a warning in our weekly newsletter that the chamber was no way affiliated with him," said Dian Streeby, who is the president of the Gem County Chamber.

A Bandera newspaper did the same thing and warned merchants.
It even mentioned our past Truth Squad stories.

Consalvi talked with Tremblay on the phone months ago when he was still living in Idaho.

Tremblay: "From your standpoint you delivered what you said you were going to do?"

Consalvi: "Yeah, I'm happy with it," Consalvi said. "I'm unhappy they called you and not us."

We haven't been able to get in touch with Consalvi since. However, the "Bandera Bulletin" has, and he claimed he had every intention of publishing the "Bandera Brand," adding that he wasn't a scammer.

However, business owners there are echoing business owners in Homedale, Council and Emmett who say he ripped them off.

With multiple law enforcement agencies keeping a close eye on Consalvi people hope they may even get their money back.

If you've had a problem with Sam Consalvi you're urged to file a claim with the Idaho Attorney General's Office. So far, the Consumer Protection Division has received 13 of them.


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