Revealed: Swimming pigs of the Bahamas

EXUMA, Bahamas -- Is this hog heaven?

The adorable swimming pigs of Exuma are swiftly becoming the latest social media sensation to hit the net, and a quick YouTube search will yield video after video of people 'swimming with the pigs'.

After capturing the hearts of pop stars like Pitbull and the supermodels of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, filmmaker Charles Allan Smith is now shooting a documentary that hopes to uncover how the animals first took to the water.

"When Pigs Swim" will follow the trail from the original swimming pigs in Staniel Cay down to Great Exuma, both islands in the Bahamas. The project will feature breathtaking shots of the idyllic crystal clear waters of the region, interviews with experts on the pig's history and, of course, the charming paddling critters themselves.