Boy, 4, kicked out of school for long hair

LYTLE, Texas - Four-year-old Cullen Gormley loved his Head Start program at Lytle Primary School, just outside San Antonio.

But last fall, he was kicked out of school because of his hair.

According to the Lytle Independent School District student manual, a "boy's hair must be worn as to not to touch the collar, hang below the ears, or be worn in a ponytail."

Cullen's father Charles has long hair and said his son just wanted to be like dad.

"These schools discriminate," the father said. "They need to change their policy we're in the new age right now. It's 2013.

They cut his hair, but now that it is growing out again, the family said school officials are pressuring them to again cut the boy's hair.

"I know rules are set as guidelines, but it shouldn't get out of hand," Charles said.

The family wants the policy to change. The district stands by its policy.