Amazing photo: 8 hours of takeoffs at LAX

LOS ANGELES -- A photographer has captured eight hours of departures at Los Angeles International Airport into one stunning composite shot.

Mike Kelley took approximately 370 photos from an identical position at LAX's south complex and consolidated 75 frames into one image.

The architectural photographer and 'huge fan of aviation' used a sandbagged tripod and a remote trigger to ensure he didn't have to touch the camera between shots.

Keeping the camera in one place, he recorded every plane that crossed the frame, taking anywhere from two to six shots for each plane. Kelley used Photoshop to make the final composite picture by starting at the bottom with the larger jets and working to the top with the smaller planes.

Kelly is working towards his own pilot's license and can often be found up in helicopters and at LAX.

"I have been to LAX many times and always wondered how it would look to create a composite of all the aircraft activity in one shot," he said.

"I woke up earlier this week to some of the clearest skies I have ever seen in LA and I drove down to LAX in order to set up the shot and see if I could pull it off; something in my brain just made me get out of bed and go do it!"