Razor blades pasted on Illinois playground monkey bars, toddler hurt

EAST MOLINE, Ill., -- A toddler was the victim of booby-trapped playground equipment that had been covered in razor blades.

Two-year-old Madden was on his dad Jayson's shoulders during a day at the park, playing with the monkey bars when the blades were discovered.

After the child said "ouch," his father put him down and saw that his hands were bleeding. Razor blades, it turned out, had been placed all over the play equipment at Millennium Park in East Moline, Illinois.

At least a dozen straight-edge razor blades were found, blade side up on park equipment strategically placed to hurt and cut kids, including at the bottom of the slide.

Police are trying to find the culprit responsible, taking fingerprints, and looking at possible leads. Madden was only cut on his finger, which is healing, but an older child swinging on the monkey bars could have suffered far more serious injuries.