Michigan couple, married 50 years, die hours apart

MARSHALL, Mich. (WWMT) - A Michigan couple married for decades, died hours apart last week.

Rick and Bea Moon, both 86-years-old, passed away on Thursday.

"We all know it's Rick and Bea and everybody who knows it's Rick and Bea, we're sad, but we're happy for them, they've done everything together their whole lives," says family friend Craig Kempf.

For Rick and Bea the love story started 50 years ago. Both were born and raised in Marshall and were friends with everyone.

"They're people that when you met them, you'd like themyou met Rick and Bea, you just walked away a friend," says Kempf.

They raised four kids in Marshall, Bea working for 30 years at Schuler's Restaurant. Rick worked for the Eaton Corporation.

Recently when Bea was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Rick devoted himself to taking care of her.

"As she became ill, he focused completely on her, he really didhe constantly worried about her, they loved each other dearly," says Kempf.

News of their passing spread quickly, but what has touched people is how it happened.

Bea died in her sleep Thursday morning, after hearing the news Rick was hospitalized and within hours he passed away.

"I have this vision in my mind of Bea, at the pearly gates, with St. Peter inviting her in and Bea telling St. Peter, now wait just a minute, he's coming"

Rick and Bea were both die hard Tigers fans and at their funeral service today audio was played of an Ernie Harwell home run call.