Flight simulator instructor fired for, in part, 'shaming Canadians'

TORONTO (AP) - A flight simulator business has fired an instructor who has figured prominently in CNN's coverage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, saying he failed to show up to work on time and refused to dress professionally.

uFly company owner Claudio Teixeira says he fired Mitchell Casado on Wednesday in part for "shaming Canadians" by "dressing like he was 15 years old."

Casado's relaxed style of jeans and plaid shirts attracted wide attention during CNN's constant coverage.

Teixeira says Casado refused to wear a pilot uniform and made Canadians "look very bad all over the world." Teixeira says he received many complaints.

CNN's Martin Savidge and Casado logged many hours reporting from the fake cockpit located at the company's office in near the Toronto airport, which has a simulator that is the same model of the lost plane.