Caught on Cam: Pro-life activists confronted, attacked by woman

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) -- A pro-life protest gets out of hand, and now a woman is charged with a crime.

The group Created Equal is known to stage anti-abortion protests outside the State House on South High and Broad Street. Just before lunchtime Wednesday, the group's staff and interns were confronted by a woman.

Victoria Duran is seen on video yelling at the protestors and kicking down their signs.

At one point, Created Equal staff says she pushed their training director as he videotaped the ordeal.

"I was alarmed for my safety of myself and my team; also concerned about what was going through the woman's mind who stopped," said Seth Drayer with Created Equal.

ABC6/FOX28 caught up with Duran hours later and asked her about her actions.

"The First Amendment protects them from government interference. It doesn't protect them from people basically telling them they're idiots.

"I wouldn't necessarily say shoving them aside and telling them to keep the camera out of my face as assault. I believe that I had the right to tel them the did not have my consent to film me," said Duran.

Created Equal says Duran is charged with assault and criminal damaging.

Duran wouldn't talk about her legal troubles but said she has no regrets.